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H.U.R.T is more than a typical superficial approach to helping real life individual triumph over past traumatic experiences. It is a ministry birthed out of life experience of Evangelist Patricia R. Lewis. Its mission is to ultimately impact, empower and change forever lives of hurting women and children everywhere.

H.U.R.T helps to identify and not deny the pains cause by violence unsolicited; and unwarranted acts such as: sexual molestation, mental and/or physical abuse, rape, coping with loss, and getting the flesh under control; etc.

H.U.R.T helps to bring our thought process from the traumatic experiences of the past to the victorious levels of the present with focus toward the triumphant future. God does not want our past to prevent us from moving into our future!

H.U.R.T reveals how the Holy Spirit through the Word of God can and will bring complete healing and deliverance from every wound ant£ crack. in your heart fry-way of forgiveness. If you are hurting from the pains of the past.

H.U.R.T is there to Help You Undo Real Trauma!

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