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"PRL Ministries Inc., was birthed out of a growing passion to provide assistance to those experiencing and recovering from physical, mental and emotional trauma. We recognize that the entire person has needs and those must be dealt with to produce a wholistic person. Thus, we strive to help individuals excel and recognize their potential to achieve greater successes. Failure is not an option for the scripture says "I can do all things through Christ that strengtheneth me". Phillipians 4:13. If scarred by life's battles we unite and overcome all obstacles. We will not allow hurt to subdue our spirits, we will survive! Mission: PRL Ministries is a relevant 21st Century entity commissioned by God to create an atmosphere to people of all color, race, and creed. Enabling them to benefit from the anointing and experience the transforming power and answer to life's issues, circumstances, and situations forever."

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Dr. Patricia R. Lewis